MozillaBook: A User's Guide for Mozilla    

The Latest readable version is here, please see below for older versions and source code...

Since this is a documentation project, there isn't really an install, per se. If you grab the files from CVS, however, you can compile them if you have LaTeX and pdfTeX on your system. Just grab all the files, run them through pdfLaTeX a couple of times, and you should be good to go. Support to handle both dvi and pdf output is planned but not there yet, so you need to run it through pdfLaTeX for now.

Downloads are below. The Outline is just that: an estimation and framework for the scope of the project. The MozillaBook download is the current state of the guide as of the date listed. If you want the latest, check to make sure files in CVS are more recent than these and then follow the instructions above.


May 02, 2004
Oct 20, 2003
Source Code and pdf format from the 0.2 release of MozillaBook follow.
Sept 29, 2003
Mar 24, 2003
Mar 3, 2003

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